Why can’t I mint?

If you're having a hard time minting, some troubleshooting might be in order. Here are the most common fixes to minting issues:  

💡 The MetaMask extension for Google Chrome is every NFT creator's best friend! Pin it to your taskbar for the easiest minting experience. This will allow you to sign transactions directly in the browser you are minting NFTs from.

Always make sure you have enough Smart Chain BNB in your wallet to cover the gas fee. 

2. If you are using a mobile wallet, make sure to keep the app open and sign all transactions throughout the process. The Trust Wallet DApp browser is not supported, use Chrome or Safari if you need to mint from a mobile device. On Android, we can highly recommend using Mises browser. 

. Check the name and description of your NFT. You will not be able to mint an NFT with a name or description identical to an existing NFT on enter. Try changing the name or description of your NFT.  

4. Stuck on step 3? As long as you have successfully signed the transactions in your wallet, chances are that you have successfully minted even though it does not show yet. This is usually due to high traffic, but nothing to worry about. 

You can also check your transaction history on BscScan to see if a transaction has been successfully made. 

Wait it out for a bit, and contact enter.help by submitting a ticket if the NFT does not show up after a couple of hours. We recommend contacting enter.help before potentially trying to mint again, to avoid spending unnecessary gas fees. 

If none of the above applies, get help here!