What is enter?

Get to know the enter.ecosystem, who is behind it and what you can expect from us in the coming times.

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What is enter?

enter is a Norwegian company building a deflationary NFT ecosystem of tailored digital platforms and products for different branches. They are all powered by the utility token $NFTART. We do not only aim to make high quality NFT platforms, but to solve real problems while utilizing blockchain and crypto technology combined with a creative force of experienced people around the world.

Our fully transparent and experienced team will show you groundbreaking real-world use cases for NFTs . Our combined passion for creativity, as well as seeing the business itself as an art, is giving us a true advantage in this space.


enter platforms and ecosystem 

On our platforms you will find free and easy access features for everything you need as an NFT creator. Our ecosystem is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain, and fuelled by $NFTART. The only fees you have to consider are BSC transactional fees, which are very low compared to other networks. You can choose up to 20% royalties on all future resales of your creations, ensuring that your wallet holdings increase with the value of your works. 


We launched enter.art in June, and have since hosted over a thousand amazing artists representing everything from high end visual art to psychedelic music. We offer easy access to minting, built-in royalty splitting, the ability to mint up to 20.000 NFTs at once, and have already been established as a go-to place for visual NFT art. 


Going live 30/9 - 2021, enter.audio will revolutionize how music is represented on the blockchain. When enter.audio goes into Early Access, it will already be equipped with the features from enter.art you know and love including a few new features, especially tailored for audio NFTs. This includes: 

  • Personal Playlists
  • Audio Player
  • Albums
  • More sorting and personalisation features

We are now taking applications for enter.audio early access. If you got some amazing tunes up your sleeve, don't forget to apply!


The enter.games platform will be a premium game asset marketplace with unique gamification feature-sets. Operating with many of the same micro-app based building blocks that enter.art & enter.audio is crafted from, most of the backend is already completed. Now we want to work closely with a selection of partners to ensure that we can deliver an amazing addition to games on the blockchain. 

enter.games is now ready to start accepting public partnership applications!

Contact here - link


    enter.x is our upcoming platform launchpad where projects can apply to get support from us to build their platforms on top of the $NFTART ecosystem. We support interesting ideas and advise innovative thinkers with our available resources. More info incoming.. 

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    🌏 enter... - When? 
    The ecosystem is in constant growth. Check out this article to see what to expect next from enter and when to expect it!