Suspended profiles and NFTs

Why are some accounts and NFTs suspended on In this article, we cover everything from compromised accounts, to scams and copyright infringements.

💡 Compromised users

Have you ever come across a profile where the name says "compromised"? Or perhaps you have bought an NFT that’s suddenly suspended and the artist name says "compromised"?

This is most likely because the artist has been subject to a hacker attack somewhere else on the blockchain. In these cases, enter will close the account to protect the artist and the NFTs. 

Please contact if you are affected by a suspended NFT you have bought. 

Why did my account or NFT get suspended?

While enter is a space for all artists to thrive and share their art, there are certain content restrictions. Accounts and NFTs are usually suspended for two reasons:
  • The user in question is suspected of violating copyright agreements.
  • The user is suspected of posting artwork that is not their own.
The suspensions are done in order to protect users and artists from bad faith actors trying to take advantage of them, as well as to protect our users from accidentally committing copyright infringements. Sometimes accounts are temporarily suspendedwhile we investigate the case. 

If you would like to know the specific reason for your suspension, you can reach out to:

💸 Compensation for suspended NFTs?

If the suspended NFT was minted by a Launchpad Artist, we do not offer compensation. Even though we have a strict KYC approval process for becoming a Launchpad Artist, we cannot guarantee that all content minted is legit and free of copyright infringement.

If the suspended NFT was minted by a Featured Artist, we take full responsibility and will provide compensation - either directly from the artist or from enter.

You can read more about being featured by enter here