Should I create my own smart contracts?

Are you unsure if deploying your own smart contract is a fit for your project? We got you!

Some creators prefer owning their own smart contracts, as it gives another layer of control and ownership over the NFT collection. Deploying your own smart contracts offers the ability for both you and your collectors to list the NFTs on any compatible marketplace, as well as sending NFTs across wallets - meaning you can airdrop your NFTs to any wallet. 

Some want the option to move their NFTs across different marketplaces, while some exclusively sell at a certain marketplace. If you are the latter, then it might make more sense not to deploy your own contract.

At enter, we want to create possibilities for all types of artists. So in addition to adding collections to, we will soon be launching a deployer so non-tech-savvy artists can deploy their own contracts with no hassle.

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