🔒 Safety and security

Safety is alpha omega when operating in the crypto space. Learn about safety in the enter.ecosystem, where to find support and some basics of how to protect yourself in crypto as a whole.

The revolutionising smart contract codes have paved the way for interesting trustless projects like DAOs, governance and community-owned products where all interactions are written in code and cannot be changed by anyone. 

While the core team at enter is a creative force, the developers behind our platforms are serial entrepreneurs with wide experience in developing platforms and systems for advanced technology, both on and off the blockchain. 

  • We work closely with testers and world-class developers to security check our code. All codes are audited and revised externally. See $NFTART audit by Techrate here
  • With the operations of the company officially based and registered in Norway, we are in full compliance with GDPR. Protection of personal information and user data is of utmost importance to us. 
  • enter a trustless system built on the blockchain with smart contracts. A fully transparent and trustless way to do transactions is implemented in the platforms. All transactions operate transparently on the blockchain, and we take no part in handling your funds. Learn how to look into transactions on the blockchain here.

enter.help - the only official support for the enter ecosystem

We created enter.help to ensure a safe and stable support system for our users. The crypto space is full of bad faith actors, and we want to make it easy to know who to trust in regards to our platforms.
We will never DM you on any server or in any social media for support.
If you are in need of help, you are always welcome to reach out to us no matter the request here. Better safe than sorry.

🔒 Wallet security in the crypto space

All users have their own private crypto wallet, which is essentially their user on all enter platforms. When logging in to the platform, you technically just connect your wallet. This means there are some security measures you have to take yourself to ensure the security of your funds. If this is your first time using a crypto wallet, remember to read up on how to use it in a safe way and how to secure it.

Secret recovery phrase 🤫

The secret recovery phrase/seed phrase is the key to access your NFTs and crypto funds, meaning that if it gets lost or stolen, you are at risk of losing your funds. Store your recovery phrase in a hidden place, and never share it with anyone - even if they claim to represent a company wanting to help. 

What happens somewhere else in the crypto space, might also affect your account on enter. We believe all of our users should have easy access to basic knowledge about security in the crypto space, which is one of the reasons we created enter.blog. 

Read about wallet security in Wallet security 1 and Wallet security 2 📖