Royalties and collaborations on

Everything you need to know about royalties on Collaborate with your crew, split royalties with your manager or donate to your favourite charity in an easy and transparent manner.

💡Why royalties?

We believe artists should get fair pay for their art. This is why we have an option to choose royalties for all future resales of your art. 

Choose up to 20% royalties, so that you don't miss out as the value of your art rises!

Keep reading to learn more about royalties and lockups. 

Set royalties

Find the option to input the royalties percentage in the description fields where you create your NFT.  The royalties are secured by the smart contract forever. 

Royalty splitting for collaborations


  • Split royalties transparently and lock them in the smart contract!
  • The royalty splitting is adjustable 
  • Allows up to 10.000 collaborators to split royalties 
  • Split royalties with your favourite charity, or perhaps even the burn wallet?

You can easily choose how many collaborators you’d like to split the royalties with while minting. You can also choose how high the royalties will be for each collaborator, or to simply split it evenly. 

The royalties are transparently shared, and secured by the smart contract. For each sale and resale, the royalties are automatically transferred to the wallets you split with. No more tedious hours of calculation and transfers. 

There is no cap on how many collaborators that can split royalties. However, technically there is a limit on how far down you can go on the decimals. 0,01 is the lowest amount of royalties you can choose. 10 000 collaborators, anyone?

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