$NFTART - About the token

Check out this article for all the essential details of the token, where to buy it, and how it powers the enter.ecosystem!

$NFTART is a deflationary utility token, used as currency to buy NFTs in the

enter.ecosystem (enter.art and enter.audio + upcoming platforms. $NFTART is built on top of the Binance Smart Chain. This enables enter and $NFTART to operate with low transaction fees and no additional costs for users.

💡 New to BSC?

Check out MetaMask’s guide to learn how to switch networks here

Or Binance Acadamy's guide on bridging to BSC from other networks here

Ownership, LP and audits

The liquidity was locked on launch day. All the smart contract codes for $NFTART have been checked and have passed an external audit by the blockchain company TechRate. The ownership of the contract has been renounced. See audit here

Want the long read on $NFTART + enter? This is for you: 


How is $NFTART deflationary?

With every transaction 5% gets burnt, lowering the supply. 

An additional 5% gets redistributed to all the holders of the token! 

The tokenomics are locked in the smart contract, and will last forever. 

We will continue to host manual milestone burns for both $NFTART and enter.🔥 


What exactly does that mean to you?

As a holder you will receive passive income in $NFTART tokens in real time. 5% of all transactions are redistributed among token holders proportionate to the size of their holdings. 

An additional 5% of each transaction gets burned out of circulation, in turn lowering the supply and increasing the value of the remaining tokens. In this way, the tokenomics reward the long term holders. 


And what about token pre-sales?

The token was stealth-launched on PancakeSwap on the 23rd of March 2021 with no pre-sale.


$NFTART migration?

There has not been, and will not be any migration from the $NFTART token.

We will continue to create utilities to support the token within the enter ecosystem, as well as governance and DeFi solutions.


💡The easiest way to buy $NFTART?

You can buy $NFTART directly with the Flooz.trade widget on the $NFTART website:


Exchange listings

$NFTART can be purchased and traded on the centralized exchanges HotBit, LBANK and MEXC, or swapped on the decentralized exchanges PancakeSwap, and FEGex.

💸 The $NFTART tokenomics are intact in all exchanges.

Unsure on how to use the exchanges? No worries, we've gathered some guides further down!

Use the contract address to find $NFTART: 0xf7844cb890f4c339c497aeab599abdc3c874b67a

🚨 Note: the contract address should only be used to search for $NFTART. Do not send tokens to the contract address. The contract is ownerless and sending back tokens is impossible. 

But wen more exchanges? Is it coming?

Yes, it is coming. We continue to be in dialogue with additional exchanges and potential partners that want to preserve the deflationary tokenomics of the $NFTART token. 


$NFTART reflections + Centralised exchanges  👀

Reflections are managed by the particular centralized exchange, and are not updated in real-time. LBANK updates reflections every day. DigiFinex updates reflections every second week. 

When you transfer your tokens to a centralized exchange, they usually charge 20% on the way in and 10% on the way out. 


How to deposit, withdraw and trade on Hotbit



How to trade on LBANK.info

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Guide to using PancakeSwap

How to buy $NFTART on PancakeSwap



💰 What wallets support $NFTART?

As long as the wallet supports BSC (Binance Smart Chain) tokens, you can hold $NFTART in any wallet, including offline wallets. 

For a smooth and easy minting/buying experience on enter, try using MetaMask's Chrome extension and pinning it to your taskbar.