Minting on

Is it your first time minting, or are you experiencing troubles while minting? This article covers the basics of the minting process, and some troubleshooting for the things that might go wrong.

So you've followed this guide and are ready to start minting on enter. Or maybe you have done it a trillion times, and it's suddenly not working as usual? This guide covers everything from multi-minting to signing transactions in the wallet.

👀 enter minting fees?

We believe all artists should have the possibility to mint their NFTs, no matter their income. Therefore, enter take no fees or cuts of any transactions done in $nftart. When listing your NFTs in $nftart, the only fee you need to consider is the BSC gas fee, which is usually less than $1. 

Buy BNB directly on where you can also swap to $NFTART. See guide

💡 New to minting on BSC?

The first mint is on the house! Check out this guide on how to claim your first gas fee.

Get started minting on!

Click create NFT to start uploading your art. 

Here you choose all the details of your NFT, like description, number of editions, royalties and collaborators. Take your time with this step, and make sure to cover the essential details a collector might need!


✔️ Upload size limit
For now there is a 50MB upload limit that will increase over time.

✔️ Supported file types 
We support all regular file types, except heic. Convert heic photos to any other format like PNG or JPEG.  

Multi minting

When uploading, you will notice the option to choose multi-edition sets of your NFTs. Choose to mint up to 20.000 NFTs in one single transaction! Perfect for collectibles, cards and the like.. Single edition is the perfect choice for your exclusive NFTs, and the way to go if you'd like to put the NFT up for auction.  

Want to read more about multi-minting and smart contracts? Check this out!

Royalties and collaborations


You can choose a royalty of up to 20% on all future resales. For collaborations and split royalties, choose to enable collaborators. Here you can input any collaborator and make the split any way you like.  Share your royalties with your partners, a charity for transparent donations or maybe even the burn wallet... Want to read more about royalties? Check this out!

💡 A little note on split royalties

You can only split royalties with wallets that are connected to the enter ecosystem.

If the wallet you would like to split with is BSC compatible, you can simply connect it to If you are planning a charity drop with a verified charity wallet, or another partner outside the ecosystem, please contact so we can help you set it up in our systems.

Mint your art on the blockchain!

In the Created by me tab in your account, you can find your newly created NFT. Now all that’s left to do, is clicking the drop-down menu and click mint. Make sure that you are happy with your NFT, preview and description before minting; afterwards there is no going back!

Always make sure to keep your wallet open to approve all transactions during the process. 

Tips & Troubleshooting

1. The MetaMask extension for Google Chrome is every NFT creator's best friend! Pin it to your taskbar for the easiest minting experience. This will allow you to sign transactions directly in the browser you are minting NFTs from.

Already using another wallet?  Take your funds with you by importing your seed phrase to MetaMask. See MetaMask's own guide here.

2. Always make sure you have a tiny amount of Smart Chain BNB in your wallet. 

3. If you are using a mobile wallet, make sure to keep the app open and sign all transactions throughout the process. The Trust Wallet DApp browser is not supported, use Chrome or Safari if you need to mint from a mobile device. 

4. Stuck on step 3? As long as you have successfully signed the transactions in your wallet, chances are that you have successfully minted even though it does not show yet. This is usually due to high traffic, but nothing to worry about. 

Wait it out for a bit, and contact by submitting a ticket if the NFT does not show up after a couple of hours. You can also check your transaction history on BscScan to see if a transaction has been successfully made. 

. Struggling to mint an NFT? You will not be able to mint an NFT with a name or description identical to an existing NFT on enter. Try changing the name or description of your NFT! 

Still having trouble? Get help here!