Minting & Multi Minting 

Minting on enter has many advantages. Low gas fees, a straightforward upload and minting process, and you don't need any technical magic hands to get started. 

Minting on enter is done through the ERC1155 contract, where you can both mint single edition NFTs and multi-edition NFTs for the same low gas fee. To mint your works on enter, you first need to be registered as a creator with a quick KYC process. See how here. 


Click "Create NFT" to upload your NFT

Upload file and fill in the details for your buyer


Set editions, royalties, and input collaborators for royalty splitting



When you've got your details in order, press "Create"...


And this guy will appear:


Now, you can choose to mint in the dropdown menu on your NFT:

Approve the transaction in your wallet. The first time you mint you will have to approve at both steps 1 and 3. 



Only limited edition NFTs can be sold at auction. 

Collaborators' wallets must be connected to enter for royalty splitting.