Q&A - ERC1155 vs ERC721

What does it mean? Read everything you need to know about the multi minter update and the new smart contracts on enter.art

What is the difference between ERC-721 and ERC-1155?

All NFTs on enter.art were minted with a smart contract called ERC-721. It’s a perfect contract for simple NFTs, but it is unfortunately limited to single editions. The contract also limits possibilities of split royalties and collaborations. 

Therefore, for the multi minting feature, we had to switch contracts completely. The new smart contract, ERC-1155, not only opens up opportunities for multiple editions, but also for loot boxes, trading cards, split royalties and the like. You can see it as an upgraded ERC-721 contract, with much less restrictions. 

How does this affect my NFTs purchased before the update?

If you have any NFTs bought on the ERC-721 contract, you will have to swap them to the new contract. A pop-up will automatically show up whenever you attempt to do a transaction with your NFT, so that you can easily swap it on site. 

Can I keep my NFTs on the ERC-721 contract?

Yes, you can. However, you will not be able to interact with any features on the site like reselling or auctioning until you do the swap. We highly recommend that you do the swap, to be able to use the site in a frictionless manner.

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