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Everything from re-listing your NFT, to hidden sales and how to talk with the artist/your buyer..πŸ‘€

Keep track of your playlists, albums and collaborations

Listing, relisting and hiding NFTs

Use the dropdown menu of any NFT in owned to find options to list for sale, auction or choose to hide your NFT. Edit, mint and delete is only active before minting. 

Want to change the price? Simply un-list the NFT and list it again for your new price. 

Removing items from your portfolio

If the content is not yet minted, you can still delete it with the delete button in the drop down menu. A burn solution to remove unwanted NFTs is in the works. Already minted an unwanted NFT? Hide it from the front view in the drop down menu while you wait for the burn feature!

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Psst.. Did you know?

You can do private sales by hiding your NFTs from the from view? Just click hide in the drop down before listing it, and send the link to your buyer.

The NFT will only be visible by link 

Experiencing troubles re-listing?

  1. Make sure you are connected with the wallet that owns the NFT, and that you have smart chain BNB to pay the network fee.
  2. Try to disconnect and reconnect your wallet to
  3. If the smart chain network is congested, your transaction might be pending for a while. You can check if the listing transaction is pending in your wallet. 

Stay connected with direct messages and notifications

Use the Direct Messages feature to communicate with the artist/collector. A great place to say thank you for a purchase, and maybe even propose a commission? 

Make sure not to miss out with notifications:
  • Follow your favourite artists or a particular NFT on enter
  • Get notified when someone purchases your NFTs 
  • Follow your active auctions

πŸ’‘Pricing your NFTs

We sometimes meet artists or resellers asking what price is fitting for a certain NFT. You are always free to set your own prices, and it is essentially up to you what you are willing to accept for your work hours or something very special to you. 

It might be wise to consider: 

  • What is included in your NFT?
  • Are you offering a physical piece as well?
  • Is it an exclusive one of a kind or is it a multi minted copy? 
The NFT market is broad and in constant change. Make sure to stay up to date on the market, so that you can find your place in it!

Are the features acting up? Get help here!