Making an Auction

As long as your NFT is a 1/1 created by a Featured artist, you can list it for auction to get the heat going. 

Find the option to List for auction on the drop down menu of your NFT. 

Reserve auction & Scheduled Auction

Reserve Auction: Allows you to set a reserve price that acts as the minimum bid for your auction. The auction is activated when a bid at or above your reserve price is placed.


Scheduled auction:
Allows you to schedule a 48 hour timed auction starting at your desired time, as well as an optional starting price. Any bid placed within the last 15 minutes will extend the auction with 15 additional minutes. 

Finalize the auction

Both seller and buyer can finalize an auction once it’s finished. Choose to finalize auction in the drop-down menu.

Click Settle auction and remember to approve the transaction in your wallet.