How to claim your first gas fees - BNB faucet

This guide takes you through the steps of claiming your first BNB, so you can get started minting with no hassle! 

If this is your first time minting on enter, you can easily claim your first gas fees in our BNB faucet. Just follow the steps below, and you're well on your way to your first NFT on the Binance Smart Chain.

Note: You need to be accepted as a creator on enter to use the faucet. Your balance must be less than 0.0025 BNB/1USD. The faucet can only be used once. 

Press the balance button in the top right corner

Here you can add funds and claim your first gas fees in the “Faucet"

This screen should pop up - choose to proceed to claim your first BNB

When this screen pops up, take a breath as the transaction settles, and you're good to go!

Screenshot 2022-04-25 at 18.43.18

Experiencing troubles using the faucet? Get help here