How can I contribute to the burn?🔥

We know a big part of our community loves to see a good burn of $NFTART. Here is how you can be a part of it...

Because of the tokenomics, you support the burn of the token every time you do any transaction with $NFTART. This means that every time you buy or sell an NFT on enter, you are also contributing to the token burn.

Read more about $NFTART here

If you are an artist, it might also be cool to know that the $NFTART burn wallet now has its own enter account! This means you can split your royalties with it if you like. And hey, if you just really want to see the token burn, donating directly to the burn wallet is always possible.. 

Burn wallet address:

We will continue to host manual milestone burns for both $NFTART and enter.