enter.platforms - the beginner’s guide!

This is an article for those of you who are dipping your toes in the world of NFTs and crypto for the very first time! A step by step guide on how to get started using enter.

So you've heard about NFTs, and think the idea of Non Fungible Tokens sounds exciting. For those who have been in the game for a while, making transactions on the blockchain is a walk in the park. This article is for those of you who might be very new to blockchain, and would like to start the journey on our platforms. We've got you, welcome to the world of NFTs on enter! 

First step: Create a crypto wallet

A crypto wallet is essentially an app that enables users to send and receive transactions without a third party. This is where you store your funds, receive payments and what you need to go shopping for NFTs. 

All transactions on enter operate on the Binance Smart Chain, so having a compatible wallet is important! This also means that you will need a tiny bit of Smart Chain BNB in your wallet to approve the transactions on the blockchain (also known as Gas Fees).

💸 Buy BNB directly on https://www.nft-art.finance, where you can also swap your $NFTART!

We generally recommend MetaMask for a smooth and easy user experience. Do yourself a favour and download MetaMask's Chrome Extension, and pin it to your taskbar. This way, your transactions will always pop up on site. 

🔒 Security on the blockchain

The secret recovery phrase/seed phrase is the key to access your NFTS and crypto funds. If your secret recovery phrase is lost or stolen, you are at risk of losing your funds. Never copy and paste it anywhere leaving a digital copy on your clipboard. Always write down your passphrases by hand and keep them in a safe place.

Read more about security on enter here.

This article from MetaMask is also great to keep in mind to keep your funds safe. 

Second step: Log in to enter.art

Another reason why your wallet is so important? It is actually your unique user on enter!

When logging in to the platform, you technically just connect your wallet in the top right corner. This is where the MetaMask Chrome extension comes in handy, just approve the transaction as it pops up and you're ready to go shopping. 

Third step: Creating a profile

Now that you've connected (logged in), you can get started on creating your profile. Click the top right circle, choose edit profile and let the enterverse get to know you. Remember to press save afterward to ensure an easy onboarding when you're applying to the Launchpad!

enter a new world of creativity on the blockchain!

From here, the enterverse is yours. Collect amazing NFTs from a broad variety of artists from the Featured Gallery or the Launchpad, or apply to become a creator yourself! 

Here are some helpful articles to help you along the way:

🤝 enter.help - direct support for the enter ecosystem 

No matter what challenge you are facing when exploring enter, enter.help is there to answer your questions and give you a helping hand along the way. 

You can always submit a ticket no matter the inquiry. 

enter community

Being new to something can be a bit scary. As well as the enter.help team who’s always ready to help you out, we also have our amazing community of artists, collectors, holders and NFT enthusiasts.

Get to know the community, share your passion and get guidance from those who have walked the path before you on Discord, Reddit, in our Facebook group and Telegram. You can also follow us for the latest news and enter official streams on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch and YouTube

For links to all our official communities and social media, check out enter.resources here.