enter.audio - What's the deal?

Why is enter.audio a unique addition to the NFT space? This article covers everything from minting fees to unique features, and how to apply to the Launchpad!

enter.audio is a fully audio focused NFT platform, revolutionising how music is represented on the blockchain. It is one of the first use case platforms for both listening to and minting/purchasing audio NFTs, with a seamless user experience like any other established music platform off the blockchain. 

Launched 30/9-21, the platform presents a broad range of handpicked musicians and producers from across the globe.

Check out these articles on how to buy  and how to mint on enter.audio!

👀 enter minting fees?

We believe all artists should have access to minting their NFTs, no matter their income level. That is why enter takes no fees or cuts of any transactions done with $nftart. The only fee you need to consider when listing for $nftart is the gas fee!

Features on enter.audio 🎶

✔️ Built with the same building blocks as enter.art, enter.audio is already equipped with the features you already know and love:

🎧  We've also added a few new features, especially tailored for a musical audience:

  • Personal Playlists
  • Audio Player
  • Albums
  • More sorting and personalisation features

Learn more about managing your NFTs and using the features here

enter.audio Launchpad 🎉

We are now taking applications for the enter.audio Launchpad.

Got some amazing tunes up your sleeve?
Read all about becoming a creator here, and don't forget to apply here