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Are you creating fan art, or wondering where the line for using stock photos in your work on enter is drawn?

Fan art

Fan art is always a bit of a grey area. If you create the piece from scratch with your own creative interpretation of the character you are depicting, avoid naming the character or series/show the character originates from. Parodic or humorous interpretations of characters are generally ok. To avoid any potential hassle, do not use the name of the character.

If you have a commercial license for depicting trademarked characters, documentation must be shown upon request. 

🚨 A short note on copyright and trademarks

You are responsible for reading up on relevant copyright and trademarks before minting fan art. While we can guide you in the right direction, our very best advice will always be:

If you are not 100% sure, don't do it!

The fan art you see on, is usually from projects who are very well informed on the topic and work within the frames; or artists with a license or collaboration with the copyright owner.  Do your own research!

Trading cards and sports players

Trading cards and sports players are usually also a grey area. FIFA, UEFA, NBA etc. all hold rights to players, player numbers, trading card distribution etc. Documentation of license must be shown upon request. To avoid any potential hassle, avoid names, clubs or numbers of players.

💡Did you know...

... that copyrights can expire, thereby placing the artwork in "public domain"? Usually, a work of art is considered public domain 70 years after the creator’s death.  Art, literature and music created before the existence of copyright, is all considered public domain. 

Recreation of public domain on

As long as the resulting work of art is a product of the artist’s own creative interpretation, recreations of art considered public domain is ok. Please note that there should be a massive new creative element to it. That means no old paintings with deep dream filters...

Stock photos, “free to use” licenses and the like
“Free to use” licenses rarely cover commercial use.  If you are using such images in your creations, like collages and the like, you must provide documentation of commercial use licenses for all materials used upon request

Lightly edited stock photos are not permitted whether you own them or not. This also applies to images of celebrities with mere filters or light effects on top.


NSFW content? 👀

We advise you not to upload NSFW content. No worries though, we do have a section underway for NSFW and adult material., anyone?

When minting on, always refer to ToS, basic copyright and trademark laws. Remember that each show, character and image have its own copyright/trademarks. 
There is no one size fits all - do your own research. 

Stay creative and have fun!