Content policies on

Are you making cover songs, or mixing samples from movies in your tracks? loves original content! 🎧

You may not mint tracks or samples that you have not created yourself, without explicit permission/license from the original artist. Such a license must be documented and shown upon request. 

Cover songs

As most artists today know very well, distributing cover songs has its issues and complications. All existing songs are copyrighted, unless they fall into the category public domain. This means that for each copy of a cover song you distribute, the copyright holder must be compensated. 

If you would like to mint cover songs on, you need to send documentation of a  license in advance of minting. 

Samples and DJ sets 

When using samples from movies, other songs, speeches etc., you must have a license to redistribute the sample. Avoid using such samples without sending proof of your license in advance. If you have purchased a sample pack or have used a free sample pack that comes with rights to redistribution, it is of course completely fine to use it on

There are luckily plenty of places where you can buy samples or find free sample packs. As long as you're aware and cautious with the resources you use, your music is more than welcome on enter, no matter the format!