Collecting audio NFTs on!

A guide to buying NFTs on, as well as a bit of troubleshooting.

First things first, NFTs on enter are purchased with $NFTART, BNB or BUSD. 

Buy BNB and swap directly to $NFTART here

Long read on $NFTART and the enter.ecosystem

💡 New to purchasing NFTs on BSC?

Check out Binance Acadamy's guide on bridging to BSC from other networks

All transactions on operates on the Binance Smart Chain. You will need a BSC-compatible wallet, with a little bit of BNB to cover the transaction fee. The transaction fee is usually less than $1 for buying, listing and minting.

It's really quite simple after that

When you have your tokens, connect your wallet to in the top right corner, and you are ready to go shopping. 

Found a track you love? Just click the Buy button, and remember to approve all transactions in your wallet. 

💡Collectors tip: 

See an NFT you like that is not listed for sale? Click the NFT, and the option to send offer will appear. Here you can chat directly with the artist! Make your offer, or use the opportunity to propose a commission. 

What could possibly go wrong?

1. Make sure you have enough tokens for the purchase and that you are connected to with the correct wallet.

2. The MetaMask extension for Google Chrome
is every NFT collector’s best friend!  Pin it to your taskbar for the easiest buying experience. This will allow you to sign transactions directly in the browser you are buying NFTs in. 

Already using another wallet? Take your funds with you by importing your wallet to MetaMask.

4. Mobile wallet? Make sure to keep the app open and sign all transactions throughout the process. The Trust Wallet DApp browser is not supported, use Chrome or Safari if you need to buy from a mobile device. 

5. Make sure the NFT has not already been purchased by someone else.

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