Bidding on Auctions

On front page of & you can find active auctions in the auctions ending soon tab. Make sure to top up your bidding balance in your wallet!

Click the BID button to start bidding:

Give your offer and click Place a bid

Both seller and buyer can finalize an auction once it’s finished.

Choose to settle the auction from the Pending Auctions tab in Notifications:

Adding funds to your bidding balance

Bidding Balance: Find your bidding balance in your wallet, where you can deposit/withdraw $nftart and wrap/unwrap BNB. Remember to approve the transactions along the way.

Locked Balance

There was previously a token lock up on auctions, depending on the percentage of chosen royalties. Per March 10, you can retrieve all old locked tokens. 

What are $NFTART bidding tokens?

Bidding tokens are our own internal auction tokens that can be used to make bids on active auctions on enter. The reason we use bidding tokens is because of the deflationary tokenomics of our in-house currency $NFTART. 

Normally every transaction with the $NFTART token triggers an automatic 5% redistribution among holders and a 5% burn. With the bidding tokens you can make as many bids as you want, and the tokenomics won’t come into effect unless you win the auction.

Please note that the tokenomics are still active when depositing/withdrawing bidding tokens. Only deposit the amount you wish to bid with. 

Read more about $NFTART and tokenomics.

What is wBNB?

wBNB stands for "Wrapped Binance Coin". There is always a 1:1 exchange between BNB and WBNB, so you can convert it back and forth as needed.

BNB does not conform to the BEP20 standard, which makes it incompatible with our auction system. By wrapping your BNB, you can use it to bid on both Reserve Price Auctions and Scheduled Auctions. You will also be able to trade it directly for alt tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.