Authentic content on enter

What does the pop-up when you're buying an NFT on the Launchpad mean, and why is it there?

When browsing and, you may encounter a message saying "enter cannot guarantee the authenticity of this content". This means that the NFT is created by an artist on the enter Launchpad!

What is the enter Launchpad?

The Launchpad is a great way to find up-and-coming artists before they get more known, with over 2000 amazing artists representing various genres and types of artists. The Launchpad is open for anyone to join and create NFTs on. All artists on the enter Launchpad are KYC verified by enter.

While all Launchpad artists are KYC verified, we cannot guarantee that every NFT minted by a Launchpad artist is authentically created by them or free of potential copyright infringements. We regularly screen the Launchpad for content in breach of our TOS. 

NFTs in breach of TOS/copyright regulations etc. will be suspended. Read more here.

Featured Artists 

Our main gallery is curated by enter, and represents all our brilliant Featured Artists. The enter s are artists that know who they are, what they represent, and are uncompromising when it comes to their individual styles of expression. A part of our curation process is verifying that the works of art created by the artist are authentically created by them. You can read more about being featured by enter here